Joe Rogan's Supplement List: The Complete Guide to What He Takes and Recommends

Joe Rogan's Supplement List: The Complete Guide to What He Takes and Recommends

Nov 13, 2023

Joe Rogan's Supplement List: The Complete Guide to What He Takes and Recommends

Joe Rogan is one of the most influential personalities in health and fitness. With his massively popular Joe Rogan Experience podcast boasting millions of listeners, Rogan has spread awareness about various supplements and how they can benefit your health.

But what exactly is in Joe Rogan's own supplement cupboard? What pills, vitamins, and powders does Rogan take on a daily basis?

In this comprehensive guide, we will go through Joe Rogan's supplement list and regimen. Rogan is a big proponent of healthy, natural nutrition, so many of his go-to supplements are derived from food sources or ancient herbal remedies.

Let's explore all the supplements Joe Rogan takes and recommends on his podcast.

Why Listen to Joe Rogan About Supplements?

Before we dive into the list, it helps to understand why so many people look to Joe Rogan for supplement advice. He is not a doctor or nutritional expert. However, Rogan is an intelligent, critical thinker who looks at supplements logically and practically.

Rogan does not blindly promote supplements or follow fads. He takes a well-considered, research-based approach to choosing supplements that make sense.

As someone who cares deeply about optimizing his mind and body for peak performance, Rogan has thoroughly experimented with many different vitamins, nootropics, and fitness supplements himself. He's learned what works and doesn't work for him.

Rogan also frequently has experts on his podcast to discuss the science and benefits behind various supplements. He keeps up with the latest research and asks smart questions.

While Rogan doesn't claim to be a guru, his balanced perspective on supplements is refreshing. He calls out scams and inflated claims. Rogan cuts through the hype and gives honest reviews on what supplements he finds useful for energy, health, and longevity.

Joe Rogan's Daily Supplement Routine

From all his public comments on podcasts and interviews, here is an overview of Joe Rogan's daily supplement routine:

  • Fish oil or krill oil - for brain and heart health
  • Vitamin D3 - for immunity and healthy levels
  • Alpha Brain - nootropic supplement for mental clarity
  • Shroom Tech Immune or Organifi Green Juice - antioxidant and immunity "greens"
  • Protein shake - for muscle recovery and energy
  • Pre-workout - for improved exercise performance
  • Vitamin B12
  • Athletic Greens vitamins
  • Electrolytes like LMNT

This gives a good picture of the basic supplements Rogan takes daily as his nutritional foundation. Next we'll go into detail on the specific products and brands he relies on.

Joe Rogan's Favorite Supplements

Over the years on the JRE podcast, Rogan has mentioned and endorsed a variety of supplements. While his favorites shift occasionally, there are a few staples he returns to frequently.

Let's take a closer look at the main supplements Joe Rogan takes and has talked about on the podcast:

Onnit Alpha Brain

This is perhaps Rogan's signature supplement from Onnit, the company he often promotes. Alpha Brain is a nootropic supplement that aims to improve focus, memory, mental speed and overall cognitive performance. It contains ingredients like L-Theanine, L-Tyrosine, and Bacopa Extract.

Rogan usually takes one Alpha Brain pill in the morning with breakfast to start his day feeling mentally energized and dialed in. He is a big believer in nootropics for boosting creativity and focus.

Athletic Greens

In the last couple years, Rogan has frequently mentioned taking Athletic Greens first thing when he wakes up. He mixes a scoop of the green superfood powder into water or juice and drinks it on an empty stomach.

Rogan has called Athletic Greens one of the best vitamin and mineral supplements with 75 high-quality ingredients to support overall health. It provides antioxidants, probiotics, digestion enzymes, and adaptogens.

Vitamin D

Rogan is a huge proponent of taking Vitamin D supplements, especially since many people are deficient. He takes Vitamin D3 capsules every day with a dose around 5000 IUs.

Rogan discusses on his podcast how Vitamin D is essential for strong immune function, bone health, mental health and disease prevention. He sees Vitamin D as one of the most important daily supplements for overall wellbeing.

Fish Oil or Krill Oil

Fish oil is one of Rogan's staples that he's taken for years. He cites the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA in fish oil for providing brain, heart, joint and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Lately, Rogan has shifted more towards taking krill oil capsules which also supply omega-3s. He sees krill as a superior and more sustainable source than fish oil. Rogan takes 1-2 grams of krill oil daily.

Vitamin B12

In addition to Vitamin D, Rogan also consistently takes a Vitamin B12 supplement most days.

On the podcast, Rogan has discussed the importance of B vitamins like B12 for energy levels, brain function, and nerve health.

Protein Powder

Rogan is an avid user of protein powders, amino acids and muscle-building supplements as part of his fitness regimen.

Whey, bone broth, and collagen are some protein powders that Rogan has mentioned taking around workouts for muscle recovery. He believes protein supplements are useful for building strength and lean mass.

Pre-Workout Supplements

Along with protein, Rogan also takes pre-workout supplements like Alpha Brain Pre Workout to boost his energy for intense training sessions.

He discusses on the podcast how these pre-workout formulas contain ingredients like BCAAs, L-Citrulline, creatine, and plant extracts to improve blood flow and endurance.

Shroom Tech Sport

This supplement from Onnit contains cordyceps and other mushroom extracts to support energy, respiratory function, and athletic performance.

Rogan has talked about the benefits of medicinal mushroom supplements for immunity and mental clarity. He believes fungi like cordyceps can enhance focus and endurance which makes them useful for workouts.


Staying hydrated with electrolytes is critical for Rogan to feel good and function optimally as he works out, works, and travels frequently.

He often drinks LMNT as a zero-calorie electrolyte beverage with sodium, potassium, and magnesium to restore mineral levels, especially after exercise and sauna use.

Antioxidants and Anti-Aging Supplements

Rogan is very focused on extending healthspan and slowing the aging process. He takes a variety of supplements to fight inflammation and oxidation with antioxidants like resveratrol, sulforaphane, quercetin, and turmeric.

He also takes anti-aging peptides like NAD+ as well as hormones like human growth hormone (HGH) under medical supervision with the goal of maintaining youth, vigor, and vitality.


Improving his microbiome and gut health is another one of Rogan's priorities. He regularly takes probiotic supplements with diverse bacterial strains or eats fermented foods like kimchi, kefir and sauerkraut.

Rogan believes supporting a healthy gut flora with probiotics helps reduce inflammation, boost immunity, improve digestion, and enhance mental health.

Liver Support Supplements

Rogan also takes supplements to support liver function like milk thistle extract and glutathione boosters. Keeping his liver healthy is vital for Rogan to detoxify from alcohol, drugs, and environmental pollutants he is regularly exposed to.

By taking these natural liver aids, Rogan aims to counteract toxin buildup and maintain healthy hepatic function for overall wellness.

Criteria for Joe Rogan Endorsing Supplements

Not all supplements are created equal in Rogan's view. He has strict criteria when evaluating which supplements he trusts and recommends to his podcast listeners.

In general, Rogan looks for supplements that:

  • Use high quality, bioavailable ingredients tested for purity
  • Are made by a reputable company with ethical practices
  • Have scientific evidence backing their effects and benefits
  • Optimize health and longevity, not just temporary fixes
  • Improve physical and cognitive performance
  • Enhance energy levels and ability to work out
  • Are enjoyable and easy to take consistently

Rogan is skeptical of untested, sketchy supplements with inflated claims. He will call those out as scams and garbage.

He avoids recommending specific doses of any supplement since that should be customized to the individual. Rogan merely reports on what he personally finds effective.

Joe Rogan's Views on Targeted Supplements Over Multivitamins

Specifically, Rogan has taken Pure Encapsulations Athletic Pure Pack for years, which contains a multivitamin component plus additional targeted supplements like fish oil. He prefers these types of stacks that combine a base multivitamin with other targeted capsules.

In general though, Rogan advises against most traditional synthetic multivitamins, especially mass-market brands. As with all aspects of nutrition and supplementation, he encourages people to think critically and do their own research before simply following labels.

Supplements Joe Rogan Has Changed His Stance On

Rogan will be the first to admit his supplement opinions constantly evolve. He experiments, updates his views based on new data, and admits when he was wrong.

For example, Rogan used to be more enthusiastic about vitamin supplementation. But in recent years he has reconsidered and moved away from broad multivitamin use.

Rogan was also an early advocate for nootropics. Though he still uses some like Alpha Brain, Rogan has backed away from more aggressive smart drugs. He now favors a milder approach focusing on lifestyle optimization for cognition.

Another instance was MCT oil. For a while, Rogan promoted MCT oil as a brain and energy boost. But he has since said he was overdosing it and has cut way back.

The point is Rogan evolves his views as he gathers more knowledge and experience. He is always experimenting and doesn't pretend to have everything figured out. Rogan admits past mistakes in an intellectually honest way.

Wrapping Up Joe Rogan's Supplement Regimen

While Rogan is always trying new things, a core arsenal of go-to supplements forms the foundation of his daily regimen:

  • Omega-3s (fish oil or krill oil)
  • Vitamin D
  • Alpha Brain
  • Athletic Greens
  • Vitamin B12
  • Protein powder
  • Pre-workout
  • Mushroom complex
  • Electrolytes
  • Antioxidant and anti-aging blends

Rogan sees these supplements as boosting overall health, cognition, immunity, energy, performance, and longevity. He chooses quality brands and consults experts to create a science-based, food-first stack.

Rogan doesn't blindly endorse every shiny new pill. He carefully tests supplements himself and sticks with ones he finds truly effective for the long haul.

Remember that Joe Rogan's stack should not replace medical or nutritional advice from a qualified professional. His open discussions of supplements are simply meant to encourage learning and smart personal experimentation.

By being thoughtful yet skeptical about supplementation, hopefully you can craft your own regimen that supports your unique goals in a healthy, sustainable way.

Frequently Asked Questions About Joe Rogan's Supplements

What supplements does Joe Rogan take?

Some of the main supplements Joe Rogan takes include fish oil, vitamin D3, Alpha Brain, Athletic Greens, vitamin B12, protein powder, pre-workout, mushroom complex, and electrolytes. He focuses on natural supplements that support overall health, cognition, immunity, energy, performance, and longevity.

What is Joe Rogan's supplement list or stack?

Rogan's core daily supplement stack consists of fish oil, vitamin D, Alpha Brain, Athletic Greens, vitamin B12, protein powder, and a pre-workout supplement. He also takes a mushroom complex, antioxidants, probiotics, and anti-aging supplements regularly.

Has Joe Rogan talked about taking testosterone?

Yes, Rogan has mentioned on his podcast that he takes prescribed testosterone and human growth hormone (HGH) injections under medical supervision. He views these as important anti-aging hormones to maintain strength, energy levels, and other benefits as he gets older.

What are some supplements Joe Rogan has mentioned?

Some specific supplements Rogan has mentioned positively on the podcast include Vitamin D3, krill oil, Alpha Brain, Athletic Greens, Caveman Nitro protein, VasoBlitz pre-workout, and LMNT electrolytes among others. He focuses on quality brands he trusts.

What does Joe Rogan think about multivitamins?

Rogan generally advises against standard multivitamins, believing real food is better for nutrients. However, he approves of targeted "greens supplements" like Athletic Greens that provide superfood extracts to fill nutrition gaps.

Has Joe Rogan changed his stance on any supplements?

Yes, Rogan has updated his views over time on supplements like multivitamins (more skeptical), MCT oil (was overdoing it), and blue light glasses (no longer wears them). He experiments and evolves his opinions based on new data.

What criteria does Joe Rogan have for endorsing supplements?

Rogan looks for supplements backed by science using quality ingredients that enhance performance, energy, and longevity. He tests products personally and only endorses ones he finds truly effective.

Does Joe Rogan take supplements daily or cycle them?

Rogan takes foundational supplements like vitamins, minerals, and protein daily without cycling. Some supplements he may periodically cycle include nootropics, hormones, pre-workout, and anti-aging compounds.

Where can you find a list of Joe Rogan's supplements?

Rogan does not publicly share an exact list. But based on his comments, you can piece together the main supplements Joe Rogan takes regularly and recommends on his podcast and social media.

My Take on Joe Rogan's Supplement Regimen

As an avid listener of Joe Rogan's podcast, I'm fascinated by his intense passion for health, wellness, and optimization. His curiosity and openness to try new things is admirable. However, I also approach some of Rogan's supplement and biohacking habits with healthy skepticism.

There’s no doubt Rogan takes an impressively proactive and scientific approach to maintaining his physical and mental fitness as he ages. Targeted supplements like fish oil, vitamin D, probiotics and mushrooms have solid evidence supporting their benefits. I may consider adding some of these to my own routine.

However, the huge array of pills, powders and compounds Rogan consumes daily seems overkill for my needs. Do normal people really require specialized nootropics, exotic herbals and peptides sourced from the farthest corners of the world? I doubt it. For most of us, the basics like a balanced diet, exercise, sleep and stress management probably go 90% of the way there.

I also raise my eyebrows at Rogan’s use of testosterone and human growth hormone under a doctor’s supervision. While I understand Rogan’s anti-aging motivations and don’t judge him, hormone therapies come with very real risks if not managed properly. Most of us shouldn’t assume we’d thrive on the same game-changing but potentially dangerous drugs.

That said, I find value in Rogan’s open and curious dialogue around biohacking topics most shy away from. Even if I don’t copy his self-experiments, Rogan inspires me to keep learning, asking questions and taking control of my own health. We should strike the right balance of avoiding both dogmatic rigidity and blind acceptance when assessing health claims and ideas.

With any luck, Rogan’s podcast musings will prompt millions more to examine how they might safely enhance their lives through better nutrition, smart supplementation, and optimized wellness habits. But we don't all need to become part-time chemists downing dozens of pills just yet. When it comes to supplements, moderation and smart customization may suit most of us perfectly fine.


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