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Welcome to our store, where we stock the highest quality sportswear to help you to achieve your fitness goals. Be it tech running wear, PPE or accessories - our collection offers the latest goods and the best prices. Check out our site and start shopping today!

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The Ripl Effect

We believe in the power of community. We can all be role models and inspire others whilst achieving our goals. At Ripl Fitness, we have made it our mission to create a supportive and proactive network of people which we would welcome you to join. Ripl Fitness is an online sportswear retailer offering a variety of authentic, quality tech running wear, virtual runs and so much more. As fitness, athletes, and outdoor enthusiasts, we have made it our mission to ensure that our customers receive the best of the best and all ethically sourced. Browse our site to see all that we have in stock, join our community and inspire others to achieve their fitness goals. Once you have received your Ripl items, send us some inspiring photos of you wearing them-and a few words about your journey and we’ll feature you on our Instagram and Facebook page. 

We organise many events to raise money for various charities and invite you to join in. The events are always unique, fun and with a specially designed medal and a variety of prizes available to be won.

Look out for our Facebook running club, Ripl Runners, get involved and join the fun!

We care about your safety and are really excited to be able to bring you the latest technology in the fight against Covid-19. The Virustatic Shield face covering features a protein layer which kills 96% of airborne pathogens-including Covid-19. We also stock hand sanitiser and face masks.


Upcoming Events

  • Annie's Runners
    Sun, 31 Oct
    Virtual Run
    31 Oct, 00:00 – 02 Nov, 03:00
    Virtual Run
    Run 10k on 31st October and raise money for Southampton Children's Hospital, in memory of Annie Langfeld.
  • 30 For Dan
    Mon, 30 Aug
    virtual run
    30 Aug, 00:00 – 01 Sept, 04:00
    virtual run
    The 30 For Dan is back and it is bigger than ever! Sprint, run, jog, walk, roll for 30 minutes...challenge yourself!