Virustatic Shield

The Virustatic Shield is the very latest technology in the battle against pandemics.It is made of a natural, lightweight and breathable material which moulds to your face. The material is such that it will stop particles of up to one twelfth of a hair’s breadth in size.It is also coated with a protein layer which kills 96% of airborne, enveloped pathogens INCLUDING COVID-19. This means that you can safely touch the snood, or place it on a surface, without the worry of it becoming contaminated. The snood is preferred by runners as the material is such that it doesn’t hamper breathing at all. It can also be worn around the neck and pulled up over the nose, mouth and ears when required. The Virustatic Shield has recently been classified as a “face covering” by the Government. Making it the ideal choice for situations where it is not possible to socially distance yourself.The Virustatic Shield can be hand washed every fifty hours. Please don’t use detergents and air dry only. Store them away in their packaging when not in use. When in use, the protein layer will give you 150 hours of protection.
  • Care Insructions

    Handwash only, no detergents. Do not tumble dry or leave to dry on a radiator. Store away out of sunlight.


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