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Rory Horseman talks about reflection.

Rory Horseman, one half of Raced Coaching, discusses the importance of taking the time to slow down and reflect upon the events in your busy life. Running gives you the perfect opportunity to have some quiet time alone and to clear your mind.

Always take time to reflect...

The alarm goes off, we get up, we shower, we get dressed, we eat our breakfast, we clean our teeth, we rush out the house, we drive to work, we open our laptops, we sip our coffee, we send some emails, we eat our lunch late, we send some more emails, we make some phone calls, we jump back in the car, we get back in the house, we make dinner, we eat dinner, we wash up, we watch some trash on tv, we clean our teeth, we set our alarm, we go to bed, we repeat.

But do we reflect?

More often than not so many of us lead such busy lives that we rarely take time to reflect on the many elements that make up our life. It is common that we often take the littlest things for granted when we really shouldn't. We get caught up in the rat race and probably only come up for air when we put the 'out of office' on and jump on that flight to Corfu for two weeks all inclusive.

This is the beauty of running! It gives you that time to separate yourself from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, reflect on things and gain a known high whilst doing it. It's no wonder that last weekend over 275,000 people in the UK took part in parkrun. More runners than ever are taking on 10k's, Half Marathons, Marathons and even Ultra events all over the world. Now that isn't just a fluke, people are realising more than ever the benefits of running and its simple ability to give us time to breathe, reflect and smile back at the world.

If you ask any runner who has had a bad day at work who then went for a run to clear their head, we would be fairly confident that all of them would say they felt better afterwards. As well as being a great tool to unconsciously allow your brain to reflect there are numerous other reasons why lacing up your training and heading out the door is such a good idea...

1) You WILL feel happier - Running is known to release endorphins to your brain that elevate your mood.

2) Running will improve your physical and mental strength, which in turn will help you to tackle other challenges in life.

3) Running often involves setting targets/goals. It is proven that people are typically happier when working towards and achieving a particular goal.

4) Running is incredibly sociable, and due to reasons 1-3 we are all typically a happy bunch too!

Now this isn't a sales pitch to force you out of the door, far from it. It is merely 'food for thought' so that next time you feel like you are operating at one million miles an hour, there is a quick, simple and strangely enjoyable outlet available.

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