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How to reduce your social anxiety (and stop caring about what others think)

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

When embarking on a fitness journey, a major stumbling block can be a fear of being laughed at. Social anxiety can be incredibly detrimental to a person’s wellbeing as it can make the person believe that they are worth less than those around them. Tackling your social anxiety will dramatically improve your quality of life.

Whilst most people are inherently good, you may be faced with negativity in the form of comments or hostile behaviour. Try to remember that you are only responsible for your thoughts and actions, you have no control over others and what is coming from within them.The best way to release negative feelings of anger or hostility towards a person, is to forgive. In order to forgive we need to try to understand what has happened to make the person act in such a manner, this does not mean, however, that you should return to a negative situation. Summon up the strength to empathise, forgive and walk away (when necessary).

Be true to yourself. Think about what it is that makes you truly happy or what you would like to achieve and go for it. Don't constantly seek reassurance from others, you alone control your own happiness.

When you start to feel anxious or self doubt creeps in, think about what the absolutely worse thing that can happen would be. If the worst thing is an odd look or comment-that’s really not that bad. Now think of the worst thing that would happen if you let your social anxiety win and you didn’t embark on your journey, Just remember that for every negative reaction, you will have so many more people cheering you on. Deflect any negativity with positivity and you will soon become immune. Also, your body will reward you by becoming more powerful and releasing endorphins. The rush you feel when you face and conquer your fears, whatever they may be, is incredible!

Take control of the energy around you. Remove all negative energy and toxic people. This can be difficult because of feelings of guilt over leaving a person, but, negative energy can be incredibly draining and increase your feelings of anxiety. Toxic people tend to thrive by draining the self esteem of those around them.

Surround yourself with positive people who instinctively boost your self esteem.

Learn to trust the opinions of those closest to you, it always helps to keep you grounded! Unwanted opinions you can discount and remember that not everybody is going to like you-that’s ok!

Finally, remember that this is it! You’re only here once and you deserve to spend that time feeling valued and respected. Take control of your time. Choose to celebrate your achievements rather than wishing that were a different person. You’ve got this.

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